Why Online Insurance Quotes Are Harmful

These days you can buy almost anything online. Clothing, food, and even medicine are available with just a few clicks. Finding customer ratings and good deals on potential purchases has never been easier.NBSP Online shopping saves us all time, money, and the hassles of a trip to the store.

Shopping for health insurance online is an entirely different story. Most websites claiming to provide insurance quotes are actually lead generation companies that will sell your personal data to anyone willing to pay.

Aside from the obvious security concerns, these companies could harass you with endless spam calls, emails, and text messages without providing any real guidance or value.

If you purchase a policy through one of these services, there’s a good chance that you’ll be given one price on the phone only to receive a much higher bill after the fact. This leaves you right back where you started without insurance and constantly having to screen unwanted calls.

You might be deemed ineligible

After purchasing health insurance from an online service, the proposed agreement gets sent to underwriters for review. Underwriters work for the insurance company and decide who gets approved and under what terms.

The smallest mistake during the intake process could result in your policy being rejected. This can easily be avoided by using a professional insurance broker to collect and properly report your information.

You might miss out on coverage options

Comparing health insurance plans is extremely difficult to do online without an experienced guide. Most online quote services quickly skim through policies and often miss important details and available options.

Important coverage details can also be lost in the process when transitioning between policies. A trained insurance professional will ensure you get the coverage you need without losing features or getting hit with hidden costs.

Why you should trust the professionals

Professional health insurance brokers are trained to find the best plan for your needs at a price you can afford. No hidden costs, missed coverage opportunities, application errors, or surprise denials. They know your time is valuable and respect your privacy throughout the process.

Simple Health Quotes has an experienced customer support team specializing in health insurance. We’ll guide you through the policy selection process from start to finish. After you choose the right plan, our health insurance experts remain available to you for the duration of your policy.

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